Hedon House Naarm (Melbourne)

Our second site, opened in 2023, is a two-bedroom house located 7km from Melbourne’s CBD. A precocious little sister to our Sydney House, Hedon House Naarm offers more square meterage and light than our den-like OG. Stylistically, she’s giving classic 1920s ceiling roses, frosted sash windows and a stunning period kitchen. We’ve melded and modernised with midcentury and industrial furnishing styles, the world’s most beautiful couch, and a lush bathroom that nearly destroyed in the making. When you’re in that bath, you’ll understand why we were willing to put all it on the line.

Unlike the first iteration of Hedon House on Gadigal land, this House was conceived with the specific intention of opening it up for hire. For our founder, who spent her 20s in Melbourne’s porn studios, brothels, dungeons and sex festivals, developing Hedon House Naarm felt like a beautiful gift to the place that grew her.

She’s a stones throw from the Merri Creek, a few tram stops from the copious amenities of Brunswick East, and a short walk or ride to all things Sydney Road.

As the younger of the two Hedon Houses, we know she will morph and change in the months and years to come as we make ongoing adaptations to improve access, design bespoke play equipment, and develop more bathing options. For now, though, she’s exactly where she needs to be. You’ll feel the same way when you arrive.

By the hour or by the evening. Come.

The Amenities...

The Playspace

Setting up a new playspace is one of the slowest and sweetest processes there is. Have you ever seen that show ‘How to Build a Sex Room’? That’s how not to build a sex room. These things take time, and we’re just at the beginning of a long and beautiful evolution. So far, here’s what we’ve pulled together:

  • Bondage frame with suspension point (rated to 150kg)
  • Leather sling with stirrups
  • Tatami mats (NO SHOES ON THE TATAMI OK)
  • Bondage table/lockable cage/bondage chair with stirrups
  • Spanking/fucking bench
  • Impact gear: floggers, canes, beaty sticks,
  • Jute rope
  • Blindfolds
  • Ball gags
  • ‘Standard’-sized SAX leather cuff set (we’re still waiting on our larger-sized custom bondage gear)
  • Plenty of 100% stainless steel attachments
  • Spreader bar
  • Hismith ‘Premium’ Fucking machine
  • A full suite of dildos, strap-on gear, vibes, plugs, shared and remote-controlled toys
  • Drawers and cabinets full of other filthy treasures
  • Copious queer smut
  • A range of hard points built into opportune locations throughout the space
  • Latex condoms, Drip brand water-based lube, nitrile gloves, dental dams

The Bedrooms

We do not fuck around when it comes to bed.

Rest is everything, and we’ve set these rooms up for you to rest deeply.

The master bedroom is spacious, sturdy and simple. It houses a very solid timber bed with built-in bondage points, an Ecosa mattress (as recommended by our fat and disabled friends – always trust these babes’ tastes in beds), and lush bedding. There’s plenty of pillow options (though we know the Pillow Princesses will still BYO, and we admire their commitment to the bit), a dual-zone electric blanket for fucking fuck Melbourne winter, and plenty of room for you to unload your suitcase full of dress-ups. We’ve also given in and put a screen in there, but the only thing you’re allowed to watch on it is porno.

The second bedroom is the coziest space, with a low-profile double bed frame over tatami and a futon-style latex and wool mattress from the Natural Bedding Company. It may not be suitable for all bodies, so please do ask questions if you’d like to know more about whether it will be accessible for you and your fellow guest/s.

The Bathroom

Two words: heated floor. 

The sex room is cool and everything, but the bathroom is our magnum opus. Bathing has always been core to what we do at Hedon House, and the opportunity to curate this bathing environment was fully seized. Now our feeds are full of tapware and tile ads and we have far too much unused grout.

Renovating a bathroom was a dream come true, until it wasn’t. But you didn’t go through the bit where it wasn’t, so you can just bypass the bittersweetness and go straight to that deep bath and rainwater shower, hey? Whenever we think of it now, we just go straight in there and let the cool blue tile colour-therapy at us.


The Kitchen

It’s just the cutest, and that’s all there is to say. We know you’re just going to order Uber Eats, but we bothered anyway.

Access information


Accessibility was an important consideration in our choice of location for Hedon House, and we have learned a lot about expanding access through the process of setting up the space. We have some modifications to improve the existing structure and will continue to do so as we are financially able. We thank our guests for their patience as we work towards full wheelchair accessibility, which we’re confident is achieveable.

Here are some details about the current access. We’re always available by email or phone if you have any further questions about whether the environment will work for your unique body.

  • The House is on a single level on a sloped block. The front entrance is the most accessible.
  • From the front gate at street level, there is a sloped ramp up to the House.
  • The House two steps at its entry, and another step from the front porch into the House itself. The front entrance has a 1-metre-wide door. There are grab rails to assist at the front step and at the front door.
  • The minimum door frame width within the House is 850mm.
  • The turning circle in the bathroom is 920mm. We can provide a floor plan or images upon request if you are unsure whether it will work for you. There is a shower over the step-in bath, and we can provide access to a shower transfer bench/shower seat. There is a handheld shower head. Grab rails will be installed soon (they are on their way to us from the manufacturer). The toilet is an extra-high model.
  • The House is on a tram route and a short walk from a bus route. Contact us for further details about which lines.
  • The house is fully insulated and has split-system air conditioners in the living spaces (except the second bedroom).